50 Golden Rules  - Garry Mansell

50 Golden Rules - Garry Mansell

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The Beginner's Guide To Entrepreneurship

If you're considering embarking on an entrepreneurial journey or seeking ways to rejuvenate your existing business, 50 Golden Rules: A Beginner's Guide to Entrepreneurship is a reliable guide to help you navigate the path to entrepreneurial success. Written by Garry Mansell, an experienced entrepreneur who has achieved success in business growth, this book offers trustworthy advice and insights.

Drawing from real-life experiences and valuable lessons learned, 50 Golden Rules presents essential principles that every aspiring entrepreneur should know to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. This startup guide is suitable for those with little or no experience in business and also acts as a valuable resource for experienced entrepreneurs seeking fresh perspectives.

Inside this comprehensive guide to entrepreneurship, you'll find:

  • Fifty essential rules every entrepreneur should consider, broken down into accessible subject areas, based on the author's journey and lessons learned in business growth.
  • Real-world examples and experiences offering insight into the challenges and triumphs you may face, shared by someone who has navigated them first hand.
  • Versatile tools and tips that can be applied across industries, supporting you in pursuing your unique business idea, tried and tested by an experienced entrepreneur.
  • Expert endorsements, including praise from Dr Dimitrios Dousios of the University of East Anglia Business School, highlighting the value of the lessons shared within.

With 50 Golden Rules: A Beginner's Guide to Entrepreneurship, you'll have access to the knowledge and tools used by the author to establish, grow, and enhance successful businesses. By choosing this entrepreneurial guide, you’re taking a step towards realising your entrepreneurial potential and investing in your future success. Allow this essential guide, written by a knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneur, to serve as a trusted advisor on your entrepreneurial journey.