Auspicious Thoughts, Propitious Mind  - Richard Camden

Auspicious Thoughts, Propitious Mind - Richard Camden

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Here is a view of modern life, a look into ourselves as individuals and as societies, and at the role played by our philosophy, psychology, the how and why of language, and the religious faiths; the nations and their history of war and peace, indeed all ‘the humanities.’ 

The author identifies human behavioural characteristics today that still derive from our animal origins, and that it is our prehistoric tribal instincts that drive our societal organisations, our businesses, and all the associations, clubs, cults and sects we choose to belong to; and how our needs for comfort and to feel safe re primevally derived, as well as our needs that feed our acquisitiveness.

Using the author’s personal observations and experiences acquired and recorded over more than half a century, this book is contemporary popular psychology that leans towards self-fulfilment and 'practical thinking.' The author goes on to acknowledge the metaphysics of the power of goodness to be one of nature's forces

This is primarily a book for young aspiring adults. It will also be useful to students and others, such as those in business or HR management, and to those whose work it is to help others feel better about life.

It is a thought-provoking and inspirational book, compelling and an enjoyable easy read that can remain a handy companion, for reference.   It is possibly different to any kind of book the reader has ever experienced.