Autism - One Family's Journey, A Boy called Zeke - Velora M. Levy- Sailsman

Autism - One Family's Journey, A Boy called Zeke - Velora M. Levy- Sailsman

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This book sensitively describes the journey of an autistic boy named Zeke, his parents and his siblings. This book also exposes elements of medical negligence concerning an ASD boy. My hope in doing this is to encourage parents of children with learning difficulties to follow my example in order to ensure their children are treated fairly by receiving the best medical intervention for their medical condition. It would appear that certain types of medical professionals will cut corners when providing medical care for some children or subjects with a disability in order to save the National Health Service money. Everyone deserves to have the best medical treatment available and have their lives prolonged as long as possible.

This book also reveals that due to new initiatives in the education and training of teachers and support workers of ASD children/young people, the taboo and stigma that existed about autism worldwide, is now significantly reduced. This acceptance is due to the fact that many ASD people are making good progress in education. Some are holding down professional and skilled employment. Some are even falling in love and raising their own children.


Topic: The journey goes on...

Written by Lawrence Goldstone (London U.K)

This book for me makes good reading in trying to understand the struggle of a family who have worked hard to overcome the trials and tribulations in having an autistic child.


“Autism -One family’s journey”

“A book written by a faith-believing powerful mother of God.  

 A very insightful, educational and motivational true story.

Whatever your gender, have or have not  an autistic child, this book  is for you.

This mother’s journey has stood the test of time and has shown the world that denial is not and option.

Highly recommended! especially for parents struggling with an autistic child.

This book epitomises the strength of a woman and mother”.    

By Joan Williams in Jamaica, West Indies/Caribbean