B is for Bubbles -  Jonathan Hope & Riccardo Guasco

B is for Bubbles - Jonathan Hope & Riccardo Guasco

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B is Two Bubbles

A is a mountain with snow on the top

B is two bubbles how soon will they pop?

An alphabet book with a whimsical twist, B is Two Bubbles treats the written forms of the letters A-Z as the mischievous starting point for a colourful, daydreamy excursion.

Jonathan Hope's deft couplets are stylishly illustrated by Riccardo Guasco, with imaginative visual allusions to iconic locations in the author's home city of Bath, England. It's as if Winnie the Pooh were explaining how to write the letters of the alphabet. An inventive, subtly inspiring read for English language learners, linguistically-curious children and adults.