Beauty in the Beast, Facing our Collective Shadow - Vicki Burke

Beauty in the Beast, Facing our Collective Shadow - Vicki Burke

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While many are busy working out solutions to the crises we are facing on this beautiful planet, Vicki Burke, author and musician, throws light on our past so that we can choose a better future.

In Beauty in the Beast our journey from the Garden of Eden is reimagined as a pilgrimage into the labyrinth, the Hero’s Journey. We are on a quest to heal our feelings of disconnection, shame and judgement, to return home to a way of living, steeped in love and kindness. The Minotaur, a creature, half-human, half-beast, who represents the shadow, the aspects of life we are too frightened to face, is our guide.

Reflecting on her own life story and her arrival at the Somerset town of Frome, Vicki Burke, goes in search of personal reconciliation. Turning activist and playwright, she discovers the collective trauma in her Jewish ancestral line, buried deep in her body.

She begins to understand the inner conflict that has brought us to this critical moment and considers the choices we might make, possible extinction or the shift that many have prophesied and longed for?

This book will enthral all soul travellers, the seasoned and those taking their first steps, with its enchanting story-telling and profound insights.

Vicki Burke has been working as a creative and a healer for 20 years. She began life working as a saxophonist until her awakening in 2000. This took her on a new journey and she began to find her voice. Initially writing songs and taking up the harp, she then became a storyteller and healed her singing voice.

In 2008, inspired by a course exploring living, archetypal astrology, she created a performance, a twelve-step spoken word journey with song.

This became her first solo album Keys to the Golden City – a Musical Journey Around the Cosmos, which was developed into a book Journey to the Golden City – Finding the Way Home. Both album and book were released in 2017 and were well received.

In 2014 after a move to the small but engaging Somerset town of Frome, Vicki wrote a play called Return to the Golden City, inspired by the Sulha project (meaning reconciliation), her own journey of self-discovery and a series of dreams. This was then produced as a film, a lockdown reading, during the Covid months of 2020.

She is now developing workshops in personal reconciliation, healing our inner conflict, based on the play Return to the Golden City. The play and the story that brought it into being, lies at the heart of her new book Beauty in the Beast - Facing our Collective Shadow, the second in her trilogy, and, as before, has an accompanying CD of harp, song and journeys.