Blood, Bones & Bladders: The Poetry of Your Body

Blood, Bones & Bladders: The Poetry of Your Body

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Dr. Hannah Weston- Simons
Illustrated by Andrew Prescott 

Come and meet your body parts! In this collection of fun, illustrated poems your organs come to life on the page, and can't wait to tell you how they help keep you alive and well. Find out which little characters live in your blood, why your brain is so bossy, and what your spleen has in common with a vampire. 

This entertaining and educational collection of rhyming children’s poems is beautifully illustrated throughout, with colourful characters on every page.  Ideal for children aged 6-11, the poems vividly enhance the teaching on the human body in the primary school curriculum. There are poems that make you laugh, poems that make you think, and poems that reveal all sorts of strange facts you never knew about your clever body!  

Whether you're a budding biologist or just relish a rhyme, ‘Blood, Bones and Bladders’ will leave you marvelling at the amazing organs that keep us ticking.

Dr. Hannah Weston-Simons is an NHS GP with an English degree from Cambridge University from her pre-medicine days.  She is passionate about children's literature, and has always loved poetry.

Hannah believes that any topic is more interesting in rhyme, and has thoroughly enjoyed bringing our internal organs to life to help children understand how their bodies work.