Find Your Wow - Lucy Stone

Find Your Wow - Lucy Stone

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How seeing the world differently might just save your mind

When did you last feel so overwhelmed by an experience that your jaw dropped?

When were you so struck by something that you had goosebumps?

When did you last say ‘WOW’ out loud and feel like a child again?

Children say ‘WOW’ a lot. But in our busy, admin-filled, tech-driven adult lives finding time, energy and opportunity to say ‘WOW’ each day can seem impossible.

Award-winning journalist and mindfulness specialist Lucy Stone has taught meditation to over 15,000 primary school children, and over the same period, taught thousands of adults including athletes, politicians and chief executives. Her observation that children found meditation far easier to grasp than adults led to a ground-breaking discovery:

As adults we have lost our WOW, but the good news is we can get it back.

Find Your WOW explores how finding moments of WOW is the secret to a happier, healthier, more creative and connected life.

Building on her years of frontline teaching in classrooms and boardrooms, sensemaking, and research, Lucy has developed an innovative five-step framework that will help you to Find Your WOW every day.

Packed full of practical techniques, the latest studies and unique insights, Lucy explores the science of WOW, the dangers of living in a ‘WOW-less world’, how to go ‘Good WOW hunting’ and why living in a ‘New WOW order’ can help those around us too.

Find Your WOW will not only help you to see the world differently, it might just save your mind.

 ‘Lucy is the Queen of finding WOW in the everyday.’

– Amy Williams, Olympic Gold Medallist & TV Presenter

Lucy Stone is a journalist, speaker, writer and one of the UK’s leading mindfulness experts.

In her mid-thirties she felt as if she had lost a sense of who she was and what she wanted from life, so left her successful PR and Journalism career to retrain as a meditation teacher.

Since then, she’s taught mindfulness to over 15,000 children and thousands of adults in the academic and corporate world. She now writes and gives talks on storytelling, creativity, flow, mindfulness and finding WOW based on her insights and experience.