For The Love of Aten:  V. Ann Catherall-Penttila

For The Love of Aten: V. Ann Catherall-Penttila

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An epic historical novel charting the turbulent life of one of history’s most enigmatic women. Nefertiti and pharaoh Akhenaten ruled over the wealthiest period of ancient Egyptian history, breaking with all conventions to realise their dynastic and religious dreams in the face of great hostility. Their legacy would stay buried for millennia under the sands of modern-day Amarna (the ancient city of Akhetaten), until 1912 and the discovery of her iconic bust.

This book tells the tale of a small girl from humble origins who, against the backdrop of an empire at its peak, is drawn inextricably and turbulently into the highest echelons of power to become the teenage Queen to Prince Akhenaton. Nefertiti must navigate the dangerous world of the court, where priests, soldiers and courtiers harbour ruthless personal ambitions that threaten her very existence. When her mercurial husband becomes Pharaoh, he begins a religious revolution which undermines the stability of the whole empire, endangers her children, and forces her into the arms of another.

This piece of historical fiction brings Nefertiti’s story alive, meanwhile, increasing questions abound about this beautiful powerbroker and the feverish hunt for Nefertiti’s tomb continues.