Leading The Deal - Moraitis / Keener

Leading The Deal - Moraitis / Keener

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The Secret to Successful Acquisition and Integration 

Mergers and acquisitions are a fundamental part of the business landscape, yet over half fail to deliver on their objectives. But how can those who bear the responsibility of the transaction improve their chances of success?

Leading the Deal is the first essential step in boosting these probabilities, providing new  and unique insights into established strategies, detailing the key psychological leverage points that allow leadership teams to effectively direct the M&A, and in particular, the post-deal integration process.

In this book, learn how to; 

  • Set achievable objectives with the end in mind
  • Build powerful teams and make them accountable
  • Manage and harness board dynamics, attitudes and behaviours
  • Balance opportunity and risk
  • Communicate and invite constructive challenge
  • Build and sustain momentum

 Written by leading experts and practitioners, Thras  Moraitis & Carlos Keener, Leading the Deal provides the necessary set of prompts to show how you can lead the deal to achieve M&A and integration success, whatever the industry and business.