Merlin find his Magic - Grace Olson

Merlin find his Magic - Grace Olson

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Separated from the flock, Merlin the lamb desperately yearns to return home. His mummy had told him he was magic. Could his magic help him to get back to her? Merlin has no idea what his magic does but life presents him with several new companions in the form of three bouncy goats, three wise horses and a little girl who is able to understand what animals say. Each one teaches him that nature surrounds us with magic all the time.

Finally, when Merlin discovers that his magic is making other people happy, he experiences deep joy and complete fulfilment.

A whimsical tale for young and old…

Grace Olson is the author of heart-warming horse books for grownups, The Yard. This is her first foray into the world of children’s books, featuring her real-life pet sheep, Merlin.

Merlin works as a therapy animal helping lots of people to feel happier and has stolen the heart of The Yorkshire Vet, Julian Norton, during a few filming sessions which are soon to be aired on Ch 5.

Grace hopes that her Merlin book will help children to see that sheep can be cuddly too and that real magic surrounds us all the time…

If you would like to see videos of the real Merlin and his woolly brothers you can follow Grace Olson-Author on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Or on her website,