Poppy the Parrot  - Stevie Ingram Palmer

Poppy the Parrot - Stevie Ingram Palmer

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Bionic Reading® Edition. The author of this book is an authorised partner and licensee of the reading method “Bionic Reading®”. Bionic Reading AG and BRCG Casutt GmbH, Switzerland, is the exclusive rights holder of “Bionic Reading®” and develops, distributes and commercializes the Bionic Reading® products.

This is the second picture book in a series of books to celebrate diversity and inclusion in children. Here we meet Poppy the parrot who has ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Poppy is a very excited parrot with lots of energy, but she sometimes gets caught in an excitable trance and doesn’t always realise the danger she is in.

One day Poppy escapes from her cage and goes on an adventure, but before she knows it she is lost! With the help of a new friend she finds her way home… and makes an important promise on the way.

This book has been created with a neurodivergent main character for children to relate to. It also contains information for parents and carers of children with ADHD, to help overcome some of the barriers to reading, and also managing ADHD in children.

Poppy the Parrot is the first ever children’s book printed using the Bionic Reading® method. This is a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through text with artificial fixation points. As a result, the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters and lets the brain center complete the word. Reviews from the neurodivergent community show that this method has improved the speed and ability to process text (particularly for those with ADHD and/or dyspraxia - making Poppy the Parrot more accessible than ever!

Stevie lives by the Seaside in Essex with her husband and three wonderfully boisterous sons.

She writes part-time, alongside a career in learning and development. When she isn’t running around with her boys, you can usually find her writing in the comfort of her home office - always with a cup of coffee and a cat on her lap!