The Ego has Landed - Andrew B Morris

The Ego has Landed - Andrew B Morris

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The First Seven Years

Andrew has lived a full and occasionally adventurous life, kept on track by his loving and clear-thinking wife, Jennifer. He’s a family man and creative entrepreneur, constantly searching for simple solutions to often complex problems. His ‘grasshopper’ brain finds focusing on a single issue a challenge, which is why this book, written in his rather chaotic, speedy style, is somewhat of an achievement.

The Ego Has Landed is a product of reaching an important milestone and recognising that life is not infinite, and that, perhaps, family generations to come may find his story insightful and of historical interest. Funny, irreverent, critical and controversial, Andrew reflects and looks back on his experiences with the view that “Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a shower of party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted, and loudly proclaiming: Fuck ME, that was BRILLIANT!”

 This book is dedicated to the 250,000 people suffering in the UK today from the physically debilitating disease, M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), and the consequent impact on their wellbeing and mental health.

 We live in hope that some day the scientists and medical professionals will find a cure.

Andrew B Morris includes the ‘B’ in his title because his dad, Sam, included the ‘C’ in his. The other similarities in their character are more subtle and nuanced, as is to be expected with the next generation. Andrew’s memoirs are laced with the arc of history, family and legacy and what we own, and disown, from our predecessors.

His mantra is Take your job seriously – but not yourself!’ He tries to live his life respecting his personal values: grounded, honourable, creative, curious and spontaneous, applied with love and care, wherever possible.

He has been married to Jennifer since 1976 and has three children: Amy, Sophie and Ben, and six grandchildren: Dylan, Summer, Rupert, Ernest, Chase and Grace, none of whom take him seriously.