The Fuzzy Faced Flim Flum - Hannah Dawn Gold

The Fuzzy Faced Flim Flum - Hannah Dawn Gold

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The Fuzzy Faced Flim Flum by Hannah Dawn Gold is a humorous story of companionship for youngsters. When something goes missing, a search is soon underway, with the help of a puppy, a cat and a wise little mouse. The mouse knows the missing thing couldn’t have been moved by any of them, so it must have been hidden by a strange creature called a fuzzy faced flim flum, which lives in our homes, getting up to mischief and causing chaos when our backs are turned.

This light-hearted tale, written in an easy, rhyming style, encourages readers to have confidence when things aren’t going their way. It is a book which may be helpful for readers who are finding it difficult to cope with change or disruption to routine, because “Sometimes life is confusing, sometimes words don’t rhyme. But there’s no sense in a world that makes sense all the time.”

As the characters help each other hunt for the missing item, their adventure takes readers on a journey where they learn that sometimes we lose things that matter, but also that “when life sends us searching, for the things we don’t know, the questions we ask are what make us grow.”

Hannah’s full colour illustrations add rich layers of visual fun and detail, to this amusing account of the mess and chaos of daily life. This is a book which will be sure to entertain children and adults alike.

Hannah Dawn Gold grew up inspired by a deep love of nature and the beautiful children’s books she recalls being given to enjoy from a young age. Being taught how to read, write and draw by her mother, as soon as she was able to hold a crayon in her hand, was the beginning of a lifelong love of writing, painting and illustrating.

Hannah first began completing painting commissions while still a teenager and has now moved on to illustrating her own books, with a focus upon subject matter that reveals the depth of beauty in the natural world. Motivated by sharing with children the same confidence and wonder that reading gave her as a child, she creates books and art that aim to inspire young readers.

Hannah lives in the UK with her dog Monty, where she travels with him at her side in search of new stories to tell that portray the magic of the wild world. Together they have various creative projects planned, including forthcoming books.