The Golden Key - Johannes Steuck

The Golden Key - Johannes Steuck

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A stranger at a railway station, secretly slips Ara a golden key. Moments later he is arrested by the much feared, security police. The key unlocks gateways into other worlds of wisdom beauty and terror.

A totalitarian regime and a pandemic grip the world, threatening freedom, and human survival. Ara and two friends are propelled into the forefront of the struggle. Each is endowed with a special magical ability: the intuition of the moment, glimpses of the future and memories of times long past.

The certainty of their mission is almost extinguished. A fluke accident and the shadow of death puts them back on track. White magic meets black, courage and self-sacrifice struggle against illicit knowledge and a lust for power.

Love is the most potent weapon against evil, but will it be their undoing?

Johannes Steuck was born of German, war-impacted parents in Stockholm in 1956. His early years were spent in Hanover in northern Germany. Age six, the family emigrated to England, where he grew up in a Camphill community in Thornbury near Bristol and was educated at Wynstones Steiner School.

Between 1974 and 1978 Johannes went to Art College taking a degree in sculpture at Winchester College of Art and Design. He travelled extensively in Europe, the Middle East, America and India. In India he came into contact with Sufism.

Johannes has had a multifaceted career, as an organic gardener, stained-glass artist, sculptor and writer. He has taught humanities and art and worked with special needs adults over the years.

Johannes is married with three children and lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire.