The Stillness in You - Katharina Unverricht

The Stillness in You - Katharina Unverricht

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Josie is hiding.

 Owen is waiting.

 Grace is running.

Josie has been hiding herself away from life for a long time, preferring her own company and keeping people at arm's length. It somehow felt easier than dealing with the past.

Grace is running from the life she has found herself in. Feeling stifled and unable to change things, what else is there to do but run? Nothing makes sense to her anymore.

When Grace and Josie's paths cross unexpectedly, they embark on a journey to the stunning Isle of Mull, that will leave each of them changed forever.

There, the past and present collide in unexpected ways and both Josie and Grace come face to face with the question, can you ever really escape your past?

And Owen? Owen has been waiting for Josie to return to the island for a very long time.

The Stillness inYou is a story of love and loss, of confronting your pain, of friendship, community and what it really means to find your own path.