The Yard: How a Horse Healed My Heart - Grace Olson

The Yard: How a Horse Healed My Heart - Grace Olson

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The comical tales of a new mum on her journey from post-natal depression to the dawning of her self-worth as she discovers adventure, friendship and the healing power of horses.

Join Grace as she battles her negative thought patterns and fears amongst a backdrop of eccentric characters, pampered farm animals and the glorious Yorkshire countryside.

Wisdom comes from unexpected sources leading Grace to a psychological and spiritual awakening of the true meaning of motherhood. While an elderly, opinionated pony teaches her how to love her daughter, a scary young sports horse teaches her how to relax and enjoy life again. Just watch out for the goats…

For fans of James Herriot and Ruby Ferguson’s Jill books, The Yard is a hilarious and heart-warming, feel-good read.

Grace Olson is a mum, a massage therapist and an ILM level 5 certified coach. She lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and is the proud owner of three beautiful horses.

Grace began writing during the first lockdown because she couldn’t do her therapy work but wanted to help entertain people. In a very short time she gained a large following on Facebook.

Her debut novel, The Yard – How a Horse Healed My Heart, is her way of adding a bit of joy to the world.