To Lawra with Love

To Lawra with Love

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Sarah Annable-Gardner & Michele Carlisle

‘Tomorrow I will be leaving the delights of beautiful, snowy Ramsbury and setting off on my adventure to Ghana ...’

 The inspirational true story of one woman, two villages, infinite optimism and thousands of lives transformed – TO LAWRA WITH LOVE  is the funny, heart-warming, hard-hitting memoir of charity founder Sarah Gardner.

It’s 2012, and Sarah is leaving her too-safe life in leafy England and heading to Ghana, Africa, with a suitcase full of cream-coloured linen and the romantic dream of ‘having an adventure and saving the world’.

But the last thing the people of far-away, impoverished Lawra need is another white saviour. Which is just as well, because Sarah – hopelessly out of her depth and very, very sweaty – is not saving anyone. She can barely look after herself.

Then, a terrible tragedy changes everything. Sarah begins breaking rules and building relationships – one in particular – bringing together her English village and his Ghanaian one on a mission to transform thousands of lives … including her own.

A behind-the-scenes of international development as you’ve never read it before.

A heart-wrenchingly honest account of work and love across cultures and continents.

A testament to what listening, kindness, community and optimism can achieve.

Totally relatable to anyone who cares about the world and the state of their hair.

Sarah Annable-Gardner is the Chief Executive of Action Through Enterprise, a dynamic small charity working in Upper West Ghana. A former primary school teacher, she took a year out to be a VSO volunteer and her life changed forever. She and her family set up Action Through Enterprise, which has just celebrated its 10thAnniversary, employs more than 30 people and has supported thousands to transform their lives.

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  • Follow her at: @sarahgardner83
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Michele Carlisle is a TV producer and co-creator of international hits Hell’s Kitchen and Dancing on Ice. Alongside her TV work, she’s now communications advisor for Action Through Enterprise. She’s (of course!) working on her first novel.