What A Way To Travel - Brandon Shackell

What A Way To Travel - Brandon Shackell

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World travel, visiting over 60 countries, fun, punchy, short to the point. Rivers, beaches, statues, by ship, trains and a tandem bicycle, sunrises, sunsets, above all the people you meet along the way.

Someone once said the Great Wall of China was ‘just a wall’, but when you stand on it you see the enormity of it, so many stones to be laid, the manpower of the project, up mountain sides, who had stood there before you, the fact it can be seen from space. It’s more than just a wall!


  • Over 60 different countries
  • Thirty years of on-off travelling adventures
  • From a tandem bicycle to a cruise liner ‒ the QE2
  • True life stories from diaries written at the time of visit
  • Capturing feelings, emotions, sights, sounds and smells
  • Plus humour and strange incidents and happenings
  • Featuring Europe, Asia, Australia, The Americas (North and South), Africa, Scandinavia, Caribbean and Indonesia
  • New and old Wonders of the World
  • The best beaches in the world
  • The people you meet and befriend while travelling

About the Author
My first trip, a cruise around Norway, Denmark and Sweden, hearing foreign voices, exciting places to visit and touch different food. My second trip, a skiing trip to Switzerland, bombing down a mountain on skis, no brakes. My third me and my brother, Bill, I was only 14, riding a tandem bicycle through France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Then I was hooked, I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens, the Pyramids in Egypt, stand on the Great Wall of China, Fly over the Grand Canyon in USA, take a helicopter over Niagara Falls, go inside the Taj Mahal, visit Bangkok in Thailand, walk around the Sydney Opera House, visit as many countries as possible in Europe, see New York, Las Vegas, go to Mexico, experiences the wonders, the sights, the smells, meet the people and interact with them, eat their foods, drink their drinks, enjoy all the views and sounds.

Why travel? In our life we have family, friends, jobs, bills, but travel is just for you. Can you remember what you did last year, ten years ago? Travel gets etched into your brain, if I close my eyes I can relive every place I’ve visited, what we did, where we went, what happened, everything is so vivid. The people we met, the food we ate, the fun, the laughter, someone said ‘the Great Wall, it’s just a wall,’ but when you’re there you see the enormity of it, so many stones, up mountain sides, the man power of the project, who had stood there before you on it, the fact it can be seen from space, it’s more than just a wall.

The Pyramids, where Napoleon had been, Rome, Julius Caesar, Kings, Queens, Presidents have stood, VIPs, film stars, Marilyn Monroe’s handprints, Al Capone’s cell at Alcatraz, history’s battles, world stories, and you are there on the same spot as many famous people, read this book, it might inspire you to travel, to share and see our planet, it’s amazing.